Chris Ferrara Leads US Fire Pump Into The Future Of Firefighting


Chris Ferrara

As the world continues to advance and grow, the risk of major fires and emergency events has also continued to increase. With the elevated risk of potential catastrophic disasters, it is no longer sufficient for fire departments to respond in old traditional ways using dated tactics and standard firefighting equipment. US Fire Pump President/Owner, Chris Ferrara, has experienced this first hand and is now leading a new movement to change the way fire departments are able to respond.

While working as a pipe fitter in the petrochemical industry, Chris Ferrara was also a volunteer fireman for a rural town in Louisiana. The Central VFD was in desperate need of water tender, but there was no room in the budget for one. Using his pipe fitting background, Chris built his first fire truck that proudly served Central and hasn’t looked back since. He soon established Ferrara Fire Apparatus and continued building fire trucks that have been in service all across the world for the last 30 years.

Firefighting is Chris Ferrara’s biggest passion, where he has performed in many emergencies throughout his career. Chris helped man the line that shut down the last open valve in the Exxon refinery explosion that rocked Baton Rouge in December of 1989. More recently, he managed to extinguish a 50 acre, 118 foot tall landfill that had been burning for over ten years. Where many others had tried and failed to put out this fire, Chris had it extinguished in just three months.

Chris Ferrara founded US Fire Pump in 2014 to explore new possibilities in firefighting and emergency response equipment that will protect the lives of the public and firefighters while minimizing property loss. By leveraging his experience and vision with dependable materials and technology, Chris has developed a new line of firefighting equipment that have exceeded standard performance ratings by far.

Using the High Velocity Pump to attain the Guinness World Record for highest pumping capacity fire truck is just the beginning. Chris Ferrara and US Fire Pump will continue to change the firefighting industry forever.