Industrial Fire Solutions

With increased global demand for bigger fire pumps and systems to support industrial firefighting and water supply units, US Fire Pump has developed a new generation of fire pumps and firefighting systems that bring big water flow to departments worldwide.

16,000 GPM Water Flow Demonstration

Showcasing the newest in high water flow technology for Industrial Firefighting, this demonstration features the new Ferrara Deluge Monitor Truck, capable of flowing over 16,000 GPM. Using 800 feet of 12" hose, this truck is supplied by two 6,250 GPM mobile pump units and a hydraulic submersible unit that has two 5,000 GPM submersible pumps.

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10,000 GPM Hydraulic Submersible Unit

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Mobile Pump Units

China - 1 unit

Canadian Oil Sands Refinery - 7 units

Ferrara Super Pumpers

Southwest Louisiana Refinery - Super Pumper

West Texas Refinery - Super Pumper

Washington State Refinery - Super Pumper

Middle East - Skyflow SP-100 Ladder

Ferrara Demo - Super Pumper

Ferrara Demo - Skyflow SP-100 Ladder

Basic Skid Pump Units

Basic USFP 5500 Skid Units

  • 5500 GPM pump
  • 12” intake flange and 8” discharge flange
  • Cummins 600 HP, Tier III
  • 100 gallon fuel tank
  • Priming system
  • Steel skid base with lifting bar
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USFP 4000 Skid Units

  • 4000 GPM pump
  • 8” intake, 6” discharge
  • Cummins 600 HP, Tier III
  • 100 gallon fuel tank
  • 12” stainless steel suction manifold with 4-6” NH
  • 10” stainless steel discharge manifold with 4-5” flanges
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