About US Fire Pump

About US Fire Pump

US Fire Pump is a collective of over 200 years of experience in design, manufacturing, marketing and purchasing. The company’s founder, Chris Ferrara, has been involved in the firefighting industry for more than 40 years. Chris started his career as a Fireman where he later used his skills learned and his innovative ideas to found Ferrara Fire Apparatus. Under Chris’ leadership over 6000 fire apparatus were built for customers across the Globe.

Protecting the lives of the public and fire industry personnel while limiting property damage is the primary mission of US Fire Pump.

US Fire Pump began with the idea to create a large volume fire pump which was lacking in the industry at the time. Chris Ferrara and a team of engineers began the development of our flagship product, the High Velocity Pump. This pump is the largest compliant, single impeller fire pump in the world. In addition, a complete line of submersible pumps for municipal or industrial applications were developed and made available. US Fire Pump also supplies of full compliment of supplemental fire equipment needed for municipal and industrial fire professionals to effectively do the job.

With US Fire Pump’s world class product offering, Chris was able to use the company’s platform to return to his first passion, firefighting. US Fire Pump has the largest Emergency Response team and equipment fleet globally. Understanding that no two incidents are alike, and that they can happen simultaneously, US Fire Pump has made a conscience investment in emergency response assets. US Fire Pump has been contracted and responded successfully to landfill fires, ship fires, rescue events, vapor suppression events, refinery and terminal fires as well as a wide array of other major emergency events.

US Fire Pump’s products, services and employees have all been “PROVEN IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE”.