BP Whiting Inundator Super Pumper Industrial Fire Truck

Delivery: Whiting Refining - BP Products North America

Inundator Super Pumper

Sold by: Ferrara Fire Apparatus

  • Chassis: Ferrara Inferno XMFD custom fire chassis, Cummins ISX15 600hp, Allison 4000 EVS, 65 gallon fuel tank, 201” wheelbase, 35’-0.25” length, 12’-1” overall height
  • Body: Heavy duty extruded aluminum fire body, Left and right side full height compartments, painted roll up style doors. Transverse compartment above rear axle, Double SCBA storage compartments over rear wheels, Hosebed capacity of 1200’ of 6” / 1000’ of 3” / 400’ of 1-3/4
  • Rear Mount Configured Pump: US Fire Pump 5250 GPM HVP, 12” Inlet, 8” Outlet, Pressure Lubricated Remote Gear Box and Pump Shaft Bearing Points, Dual Trident AirPrime System and Dual Electric Primers, Schedule 40 Stainless Steel Manifold Construction, Class I TPG+ electronic pressure governor, Foam Pro AccuMax 3300 Direct Injection Foam System, Dual 3” Foam Intakes Driver Side, 3” Foam Intake and 2.5” Foam Discharge on Passenger Side, 6000 GPM Wireless Remote Control Nozzle, Dual TFT Monsoon 2000 GPM Wireless Remote Control Deck Guns, Two (2) 1.75” Hosebed Preconnects, Two (2) 8” Right Side Panel Discharges Dual Rear 6” LDH Discharges, Two (2) 2.5” Rear Discharges, Remote Control, TFT Low Profile Jumbo Ball Intake Valves, Four (4) 8” Steamer Connections
  • Tank: 500 Gallon Water and 500 Gallon Class “B” Poly Foam Tank
  • Features: On Scene Solutions LED pump panel and compartment lights, Whelen LED warning lights, Power Call electronic siren with bumper recessed speakers, 2 bumper recessed air horns, Federal Signal Q2B Siren, Whelen Pioneer Series LED scene lights front, rear and sides