Rockton, Illinois, June 15, 2021
US Fire Pump Emergency Response Team Called to Duty




Louisiana based US Fire Pump Company, the premier emergency response team in the world has been contracted for firefighting and emergency services, in response to an large-scale event in Rockton, IL. Fire broke out that facility in Rockton facility in the early hours of Monday, June 15, 2021. To aid in the efforts US Fire Pump has sent 27 Industrial Firefighting Specialists to the site. In addition, US Fire Pump’s specialized equipment, submersible pumps, high velocity pumps, water monitors, firefighting extinguishing agents and more than 10,000 feet of hose has been dispatched to supplement operations. Chris Ferrara, President/CEO states, “First, thank you to Fire Chief Kirk Wilson of Rockton, Illinois for support during this event. Our teams have been busy setting up our equipment and getting manpower into position to begin our extinguishing operations. More importantly we have been focused on using our earth moving equipment to create trenching to minimize the risk of residual runoff to the Rock River”.

US Fire Pump is Holden, LA based collective of over 200 years of experience in design, manufacturing, marketing, and purchasing. The company’s founder, Chris Ferrara, has been involved in the firefighting industry for more than 40 years. Chris started his career as a Fireman where he later used his skills learned and his innovative ideas to found Ferrara Fire Apparatus. Under Chris’ leadership over 6000 fire apparatus were built for customers across the Globe. Protecting the lives of the public and fire industry personnel while limiting property damage is the primary mission of US Fire Pump.

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