US Fire Pump 3000gpm Mini Submersible Pump

Mini Submersible Pump

Turn your pickup into a 3,000 GPM pumper

Quickly deliver high water flow with the 3,000+ GPM Hydraulic Submersible Pump. With a 75 foot operational length from the submersible pump to engine unit, 3,000+ GPM flow rates are pushed through an 8” Storz connection and can easily be operated by one person.

Pump Systems

Skid: Liftable steel base structure

Hydraulic: Rexroth pump, 30 gallon hydraulic cell, hydraulic cooler mounted to engine cooling package

Engine: Cummins / Kubota / Kohler, 100-120 hp, 30 gallon fuel cell integral to skid

Submersible Pump: One (1) hydraulic driven submersible pump 3000 GPM capable

Hydraulic Hose: 75 feet of dual hydraulic lines with leak proof quick connect fittings